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ARDEX Abapoxy

High Performance Epoxy Adhesive and Grout


A 100% solids, chemical resistant epoxy grout. It is designed for situations requiring strict hygiene standards and high chemical and physical resistance.
• Superior chemical and physical resistance
• Available in Fine and Coarse grades
• Easier to wash off than other 100% solids epoxy grouts
• Solvent free and water wash up


  • Joint Width:
    • Coarse – 3mm to 15mm
    • Fine – 1.5mm to 15mm
  • Tile Types:
    All ceramic tiles, porcelain, natural stone
    (Porous and textured tiles may require special application procedures)
  • Location:
    • Internal
    • External*
    • Swimming and hydrotherapy pools
    (*Epoxy grouts are prone to chalking when used externally but performance is not affected)
  • Surfaces:
    • Walls
    • Floors
  • Colours:
    • Various
  • Pack Size:
    • Mid Size Unit: 4L Part A + 2L Part B + 20kg (fine) or 2x20kg (coarse) Part C
    • Commercial Unit: 20L Part A + 10L Part B + 5x20kg (fine) or 7x20kg (coarse) Part C
ARDEX Abapoxy