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ARDEX Abalastic

Liquid Polymer Additive for ARDEX Cement-Based Adhesives and Compounds


A liquid polymer additive for use with standard grade cement-based adhesives,
such as ARDEX Quickbond, to impart flexibility and improved adhesion, water
resistance and shear strength.
• Improves adhesion, shear strength
• Imparts flexibility
• Improves water resistance
• May also be used with sand/cement mortar
toppings from 10 – 25mm


  • Substrates:
    • Cement render/screed, concrete
    • Compressed fibre-cement sheet
    • Heated concrete slab
    • Mix with ARDEX LQ 92 when incorporating heating wires into topping
  • Location:
    • Internal
    • External
  • Surfaces:
    • Floors
    • Walls
  • Colours:
    • White
  • Pack Size:
    • 20L