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General Purpose, High-Strength, Shrinkage- Compensated, Class-A-Type Construction Grout


ARDEX BG 90 GP is a general purpose, high-strength, Class-A-Type construction grout that can be mixed to a non-slump or pourable mix and is suitable for a wide range of projects and applications. The cement-based formulation contains additives that provide positive expansion when the grout is in its plastic state and is also shrinkage compensated when in the hardened state. Ideal for applications where high compressive and flexural strength is required.


  • Thickness:
    • 12-100mm
  • Typical Uses:

    ARDEX BG 90 GP may be used for:
    • General purpose grouting applications
    • Base plates, machine bases, equipment support
    • Column bases (steel and precast concrete)
    • Precast panel connections and between precast panels
    • Underpinning
    • Void filling and dry packing
    • Conveyor supports; and other similar grouting applications.

  • Drying Times:

    • Pot life: 20 mins
    • Initial set: 30 minutes (stiff), 2.5 hours (plastic), 6.5 hours (flowable)
    • Final set: 45 minutes (stiff), 3 hours 45 minutes (plastic), 7 hours (flowable).

  • Packaging:

    • 20kg polylined paper sacks