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    Crack Repair & Injection


Fast Setting Semi-Rigid Polyurea Joint Sealant


ARDEX RA 54 is used to fill interior control joints or new construction saw joints on horizontal concrete surfaces. Designed for industrial floor applications receiving heavy duty vehicle traffic. Can be used in exterior applications, when minimal (10% to 12%) joint movement from thermal cycling will occur. With a very rapid cure time, repaired joints can be opened to traffic in 90 minutes.


  • Substrates:

    • Concrete

  • Drying & Curing:

    • Can be shaved in approx. 45 minutes
    • Open to full traffic in 90 minutes

  • Location:

    • Internal/External

  • Colours:
    • Grey
  • Coverage:
    • Approx. 3 linear metres with a joint size of 3 x 25mm
  • Packaging:

    • 254mL cartridge