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    Crack Repair & Injection


Super Low Viscosity Structural Concrete Crack Injection Epoxy


ARDEX RA 142 is a Super Low Viscosity, two-component epoxy adhesive perfect for gravity-feed and pressure injection repair of hairline to fine width horizontal cracks. It can be used in temperatures between 10° to 35°C for a variety of repair projects including vertical crack repair using injection ports in conjunction with a capping paste. Its bonding and sealing capabilities for interior and exterior slabs are exceptional. It can also be used as an epoxy mortar for spall repair when mixed with aggregate.


  • Working Time:

    • 20 minutes

  • Substrates:

    Almost any material including:
    • Concrete

  • Drying & Curing:

    • ARDEX RA 142 is fully cured in 24 hours

  • Location:

    • Internal/External

  • Colours:
    • Amber tint
  • Packaging:

    • 470mL dual cartridge