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Tile and Grout Heavy Duty Cleaner


ARDEX ACP23 Tile and Grout Heavy Duty Cleaner is a concentrated, effective and easy to use water soluble alkaline cleaner, degreaser and stain lifter for periodic use which rapidly emulsifies, suspends and removes all types of animal, vegetable and petroleum oils. It has the added benefit of a corrosion inhibitor and does not impart any cleaning odours. Being a nonflammable water based detergent makes it the ideal replacement for solvent-based cleaners and degreasers.


  • Substrates:

    Ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, quarry tiles, slate, stone, terracotta, terrazzo, granite, cement, pavers, polished and stencilled concrete, cement based grout, epoxy based grout, dispersion grouts.

  • Location:

    • Internal and external

  • Pack Size:
    • 1L container
    • 4L container
  • Packaging:

    • 1L or 4L container